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Our Offices


Istanbul Office

Defterdar Mh. Otakçılar Cd. No:80 Kar Plaza K:2 Ofis No:19 Eyüp İstanbul

Phone: 444 94 48
Fax: +90 212 483 7417
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

Ankara Office

Söğütözü Mh. Söğütözü Cd. Koç İkiz Kuleler A Blok Çankaya Ankara

Phone: 444 94 48
Fax: +90 850 220 0451
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

İzmir Office

Çınarlı Mh. 1572 Sk. No:33
Konak İzmir

Telefon: 0232 520 64 65
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

Adana Office

Kıyıboyu Bulvarı Kıyıpark City A Blok Asma Kat No:319 Seyhan Adana

Phone: 444 94 48
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

Gaziantep Office

Atatürk Mh. Mustafa Taşar Cd. No:89/A Şehitkamil Gaziantep

Phone: 444 94 48
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

Kahramanmaraş Office

Egemenlik Mh. Şehit Kurmay Pilot Binbaşı Tebernuş Özler Cd. No:4/A Dulkadiroğlu Kahramanmaraş

Phone: 444 94 48
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr

Belgium Office

VAT: 1002545478

Kapeldreef 60 3001 Leuven, Belgium

Phone: +32 470 396400
E-Mail: info@hitsoft.com.tr