Easily make sales with strong marketing.

SAP Business One offers powerful campaigns and digital communication possibilities for marketing managers. Benefit from the marketing tools of SAP Business One to support sales with good deals.

Bring more potential customers to sale.

Marketing campaign management

SAP Business One enables you to convert potential customers into customers, create, manage and analyze marketing campaigns to increase sales and profitability.

Regular digital communication

By sending regular updates and newsletters to potential customers with SAP Business One, you can keep digital communication fresh and always be on your customers’ minds.

Strategic support point

You can strengthen marketing as a strategic support point by using marketing automation, further supporting sales and company profitability.

Let your marketing actions provide strategic support to sales.

Building powerful marketing campaigns

Sending automatic updates and newsletters for the target audience

Increasing customers and sales by providing strategic support to sales

Support sales with stronger marketing.

Marketing automation allows you to support sales with more potential customers, creating a more efficient pipeline. Marketing is the best way to support sales and accelerate your growth with the right tools and methods.

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