Efficiently manage the sales process and customer lifecycle.

Are you a sales manager? It is very important for you to be able to track and control the entire sales process cycle, but don’t you have a system to manage it?

SAP Business One allows you to manage and track your team’s activities throughout a sales cycle, from initial customer contact to closing deals, from anywhere with a single system.

What can you do in your sales processes with SAP Business One?

End-to-end sales and marketing management with a single system

SAP Business One is designed for you to easily manage the sales process from the initial offer to the customer to pricing and contract processes.

Accurate customer management with synchronized data

Its integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to synchronize and manage your contacts, keeping all critical customer data in one place.

Strong sales forecasting and reporting

SAP Business One supports your decisions and forecasts with detailed reports on every stage of the sales process, from forecasting to pipeline tracking with reporting and analysis templates.

Action from anywhere with mobile sales management

SAP Business One gives you the ability to manage sales information anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device while your sales organization is on the move thanks to its mobile usage.

Dominance in marketing and service processes

SAP Business One allows you to analyze the customer’s pre and post-sales overview with marketing campaigns and customer relationship management.

Empower your team with efficient sales automation.

Faster and more efficient end-to-end sales management

Access from anywhere with mobile use

More sales with quick sales actions

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Your sales teams can work on a single system anytime and anywhere with SAP Business One. This supports your sales growth in two ways. First, your team can close sales faster by speeding up action and using time efficiently. Secondly, the increase in customer satisfaction through efficient management of the process from a single location will come back to you as new sales in the next stage.


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