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What does SAP Business One provide for your industry?

Realize your ERP transformation safely with SAP Business One in different industry.


Optimize your resources in the automotive industry with SAP Business One, reduce changeovers and installations, and maximize production output and logistics performance.

Metal Processing

Get a full audit and electronic documentation for quality control procedures and processes in the metal processing industry and gain real-time insights with SAP Business One.

Machining Production

Minimize scrap and rework, quickly meet customer demands, generate new revenue streams and increase efficiency in the machining industry with SAP Business One.

After-Sales Service

Get proactive support tools, provide 24/7 support for critical issues and increase efficiency in the after-sales service industry with SAP Business One.


Easily replenish fresh and packaged food products in the food industry with SAP Business One, benefit from advanced capabilities of SAP Business One to produce and distribute.


Achieve global improvements in procurement, stock receiving, warehouse management, and inventory forecasting in the distribution industry at manageable cost on premises or in the cloud with SAP Business One.


Track many processes such as cutting, sewing, printing, knitting, transportation and tracking of apparel, fabric in the textile industry on a single platform with SAP Business One.


Effectively manage everything from engineering, prototyping and production to customer acceptance, budget and cost control.


Provide a complete audit and electronic documentation trace of quality control procedures and processes with SAP B1, allowing it to define where, when and how products are tested.


Keep track of your biotechnology and pharmaceutical productions with SAP Business One, and track physical equipment and medical devices from a single platform.

Defense Industry

Have accurate business tracking, control of service procurement and comparison analysis in the defense industry sector with SAP Business One.