Manage warranty and contractual repairs for equipment and services with SAP Business One.

Easily manage all service processes of your company serving medical instruments, electronics, IT and similar related equipment with SAP Business One. Facilitate your business with integrated service processes from service calls to field service management.

Easily manage your service processes with SAP Business One.

Equipment cards management

After product sales, an equipment card is automatically created in SAP Business One. The equipment card contains the serial number, location, customer and related information about the equipment under contract or warranty.

Management of service contracts

SAP Business One stores information about which customers have specific service contracts, which equipment is covered by the contract, and which coverage is related to contracts and repairs.

Warranty and non-warranty service call management

You can create service calls for equipment that is included in the contract (warranted) or not (non-warranted) with SAP Business One. Assign the service call to a technician and add it to the calendar.

Make it easier to manage your business.

Faster and more efficient business management in all departments from end to end

Process dominance with 360-degree view in business processes

Management with excellence in operation and decision-making

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