End the complexity of recipes and formulas, weighing and traceability issues with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One responds to critical management needs such as calculating accurate product margins, tracking products and raw materials with variable weights, tracking quality processes and product recipe processes in the Food industry.

Advantageous ERP system that provides end-to-end traceability for the food industry: SAP Business One

Smooth management of different versions of the same product with recipe management

Smoothly manage the recipe processes of your products that are new to the market or whose recipe has changed with SAP Business One product recipe management.

Conditional storage and detailed inventory management for product integrity and quality

Easily manage many important processes such as purchasing, picking, packaging, shelf life and transportation processes in food products with SAP Business One.

Reduction of production losses due to inaccurate weighing

Weighing errors cause production losses, and the advantages of SAP Business One for the Food Sector help you increase your profitability by eliminating production losses.

Make it easier to manage your business.

Faster and more efficient business management in all departments from end to end

Process dominance with 360-degree view in business processes

Management with excellence in operation and decision-making

Benefit from Hitsoft’s food industry experience.

Be sure to get information about our SAP Business One applications in the food industry. With our industry experience, we have a highly experienced team to help you better manage your business quickly and smoothly.

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