Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Run digital with SAP, manage all your end-to-end processes in an integrated manner.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) stands for business process management software that optimizes an organization’s processes by providing an integrated and centralized application system that helps manage and automate a wide variety of business operations, including accounting, human resources, sales and inventory management.


SAP Business One ERP Project

Modern ERP systems work by aggregating all your typical business processes. With the singular interface, it connects everything to provide a seamless user experience as users navigate between different business processes.

Like most software, ERP has several layers working together. One of the main technical layers of an ERP system is the database. A database is where all of a company’s data about customers, accounting, inventory, and more will be stored. The layer below is your program. This layer will house the intelligence or brain of the ERP software, it contains all the rules and logistics of ERP. Above this layer is the ERP interface. This is how ERP will appear on various platforms such as smartphones, desktops, and the web. The last layer is the API with which your ERP will communicate with other software.

  • SAP Business One is an ERP system that will enable you to use all new generation technologies in your business processes.

  • From sales marketing to finance to procurement, the parts that will contribute to your growth are diverse, but SAP Business One gives you all the power to drive that growth.

  • You can have an ERP system quickly by choosing the cloud or embedded versions of SAP Business One to make the right decisions for success and growth and to carry your business to the future in a modern structure.

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